Unlocking Better Sleep: How COLMI’s Innovation is Changing Lives

Did you know that one-third of your life is spent sleeping? Yet, so many of us struggle to get the quality sleep we need. On World Sleep Day, let's explore why sleep is your superpower and how technological innovations are making a difference.

Unlocking Better Sleep: How COLMI's Innovation is Changing Lives

Sleep is not just a passive state of rest, but an active process vital for our health. It restores our spirit, relieves fatigue, and is as crucial as a balanced diet and proper exercise. To elevate the global consciousness about the importance of sleep, the Global Sleep and Health Program, under the auspices of the International Foundation for Mental Health and Neuroscience, initiated World Sleep Day in 2001. This day is dedicated to educating the world about the significance of sleep quality and how it can be enhanced for overall well-being.


A Revolutionary Leap in Sleep Technology: The COLMI Sleep Actuarial Watch


In 2017, COLMI introduced the world's first sleep actuarial watch, marking a significant milestone in sleep technology. Seven years of dedicated research and development have positioned COLMI at the forefront of using smartwatches to not only accurately track sleep patterns but also guide users towards improving their sleep through tailored exercise routines and lifestyle adjustments.


Recent research conducted by COLMI across six cities in China revealed a staggering 57% rate of insomnia among adults, attributed largely to insufficient physical activity, high work pressure, and neglect of sleep quality. Addressing this, COLMI's latest smartwatch is equipped with a cutting-edge fifth-generation sleep detection algorithm. This technology leverages a PD photoelectric computing sensor and the PPG algorithm model to analyze a variety of parameters such as nighttime heart rate, wrist activity, and temperature changes. Through cloud analysis and a sleep data model refined by over a million users, the watch achieves an impressive 97.3% accuracy in sleep detection—surpassing all competitors.

Unlocking Better Sleep: How COLMI's Innovation is Changing Lives

Transforming Lives Through Data

The insights provided by COLMI's sleep detection data empower users to modify their habits effectively. The watch offers features like exercise modes, goal setting, and breathing exercises, helping users improve their sleep quality systematically. COLMI advocates for a holistic approach to enhancing life quality through proper diet, moderate exercise, and positive lifestyle habits.

Stories of Transformation

Personal testimonials highlight the profound impact of COLMI's technology. Users from diverse backgrounds share how the smartwatch has helped them rediscover the joy of restful sleep, leading to improved health, productivity, and overall happiness.

Join the Movement

As we celebrate World Sleep Day, let's commit to prioritizing our sleep health. Explore the innovative solutions offered by COLMI and take the first step towards unlocking the superpower of good sleep. Share your journey towards better sleep with us and become part of a global movement dedicated to wellness and vitality.

Together, we can turn the dream of perfect sleep into a reality.

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Post time: Mar-21-2024