COLMI i30 Smartwatch 1.3 inch AMOLED 360×360 Screen Support Always On Display Smart Watch

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The COLMI i30 is our latest flagship smartwatch.
Larger and clearer screen: Using a 1.36-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 390*390, the pixel is 2.64 times that of other smart watches. At the same time, it supports the Always On Display function, and the time is always visible.

Stronger chip: The main chip uses Realtek RTL8762DT chip, which brings more powerful performance and lower power consumption. The secondary chip uses JieLi HN333, which has a more stable Bluetooth connection.

More functions: 5 sets of UI interaction, support voice assistant, Bluetooth call.

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COLMI i20 Spec.

Main chipset  Realtek RTL8762DT
Secondary chipset  JieLi HN333
HR sencor  SC7R31
Screen  AMOLED 1.36 inch
Screen resolution  390*390 pixel.
Battery Capatcity  300 mAh
Battery life  3~7days

Waterproof level: IP68 Waterproof

APP: FitCloudPro

Suitable for mobile phones with Android 4.4 or higher, or iOS 9.0 or higher.


◐ Colorful And Delicate Shocking The Vision

Retina-level AMOLED colorful large screen,360*360 HD resolution,clearer, smoother, vivid and delicate.

◐ Always Online Keep In Touch

The watch is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to dial, and it can also answer, reject calls, and view call records on the watch. Whether it's exercising outdoors or organizing housework at home, the call becomes easy and comfortable.

◐ Raise Your Hand To Communicate Call Directly, Reject The Call View Call Records, View Contacts, Call Directly From The Contact

Synchronize with your mobile phone, support SMS reminders, push social information such as Facebook,Twitter, etc., synchronous display of application message content,and synchronous display of various reminders.


◐ Always On Throughout The Day

AMOLED's unique always-on function can also keep on display time in standby mode. It has lower energy consumption than ordinary TFT screens and IPS screens, brings longer standby time, and always keeps on display all day long.

◐ High-definition Beautiful Dial Change Anytime, Anywhere

You can connect to the mobile app to download more beautiful dials from the dial market.

◐ 5 Sets Of Menu Interfaces

There are 5 sets of built-in menu interfaces, with different styles for you to choose.

◐ Don't Miss Call & Information

The mobile phone and the watch keep Bluetooth interconnection, telephone, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other information, vibration reminder, easy to handle important information.


◐ Al Voice Assistant

Al voice commands, you can open various applications through voice commands

◐ Smart Heart Rate Monitoring Heart Health Management

Using a high-performance heart rate sensor, the data is more real-time and accurate, and it can intelligently identify abnormal heart rate and other situations, allowing you to understand your physical condition and enjoy a healthy life.

◐ Ip68 Deep Waterproof

It can be used safely in daily life scenes such as hand washing and raining, and it can easily cope with the waterproof test.


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