Land 1 Smartwatch

Sport smartwatch --- IP68 waterproof rating, you can wear it to swim. Ultra long battery life with 60 days standby time, it is perfect companion keep you organized and productive all day.

Personal Health Tracker --- Built-in latest optical sensors, track real-time heart rate effectively, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, intelligent sleep monitoring, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle.

All-day Activity Tracking --- Bluetooth running fitness tracker accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes. Special sport modes for walking, running, cycling, football, basketball, badminton.

  • COLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-PhoneCOLMI-Land-1-Full-touch-screen-Smart-watch-IP68-waterproof-Bluetooth-Sport-fitness-tracker-Men-Smartwatch-For-IOS-Android-Phone


    Q: Why should we design such a smart watch?
    A: Because other sports smart watches are single touch, they can only switch to the next function, which means that if you accidentally miss what you want to use, you have to cycle once to find that function, which makes me crazy.
    And land 1 can solve this problem perfectly, you can return to the previous function, and you can swipe up to quickly return to the dial.

    Q: Is this a full touch screen watch?
    A: Yes, you can operate the watch like a mobile phone.

    Q: I want to know the material and hardness of the screen.
    A: Hello, the screen is equipped with the tempered glass, 6H professional testing hardness.

    Q: How is fitness tracker waterproof?
    A: Waterproof grade IP68 standard, it is completely dust-proof, no gaps in the case, dust can not enter. And at room temperature, 1.5M deep water will not affect the product.

    Q: Will this work with iphone 7 plus?
    A: This tracker requires iOS 9.0 or above / Android 4.4 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart-phone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet).

    Q: When i get a call it shows on my watch. can i answer it from my watch and talk from my watch? or do i need my phone??
    A: It will remind you of the calls ,sms,notifications from Apps, but you can not answer it by the watch.

    Q: How does the sleep and music mode work?
    A: The sleep monitor will automatic monitoring your sleep quality at night, And you can check the date on your phone or on the watch.
    For the music mode, you only need to long press enter the music mode, which can switch song and stop playing etc.

    Q: How's the accuracy for taking heart rate?
    A: Pretty good. No complaints. Just make sure the band is not loose.

    Q: Quality of blood pressure measurements?
    A: Like all blood pressure smart bracelet, the accuracy is affected by your personal information setting and calculated according to your real time heart rate, the measurements may not be accurate 100%. it is for reference only, and not for any medical use basis.

    Q: How many messages does it store?
    A: It can only store the latest three messages.

    Q: Can it show whole message? or how many characters-letters?
    A: It just can show 90 characters.

    Q: How long can the battery last?
    A: Normal use time is about 10 days. Standby time is 60 days.

    Q: Does it have analog watch like screen, or only digital?
    A: This fitness tracker have 3 kinds screen, And the screen can be customized. but it have not analog watch like screen. Thank you.

    Q: How do I set the smart watch to correct the date and time?
    A: This fitness tracker watch will self-synchronizing your phone date and time. You only need to connect your phone by Bluetooth.

    Q: may I use without a smart phone?
    A: You can use it without a smart-phone, but you can't receive calls and message alerts. Because this feature requires Bluetooth to connect to the phone to work.

    Q: Is this watch compatible with Strava?
    A: Sorry this watch isn't compatible with Strava. this watch have the APP accordingly. You can download the ''COLMI" from the Android or iOS store. Thank you.

    Q: Why is the screen unable to light after the opening of the bracelet?
    A: The battery life of intelligent bracelet for about 7 days, in the factory may have run out of power in the process of transportation, for the first time if the screen can not light up when using, please first by hand ring at the bottom of the USB interface to recharge 2-3 hours bracelet.

    Q: Does this have a 12-month worry-free warranty?
    A: We offer a 12-month warranty. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Package Included:

    COLMI Land 1 * 1, User manual * 1, USB Cable * 1

    Warranty Policy

    COLMI smart watch let you start down the path to a healthier lifestyle, and offer 100% one-year after-sale warranty at the same time.


    *The waterproof grade of this smart watch is IP68, it is suitable for everyday use, splash/rain resistant, swimming, not suitable for hot bathing, snorkeling diving for a long time.
    *Turn on Bluetooth and connected smart wristband with the phone by "COLMI" app. DO NOT connect it with your phone's Bluetooth directly, otherwise, the watch will reject to compare.

  • Model No.:  COLMI LAND 1
    Water proof 5ATM waterproof (IP68)
    Product Type / Material Smart watch/Metal for Main body, silicone for belt with touch feeling oil
    UTMS/WCDMA Band  N/A
    GSM Band N/A
    Chipset No. NRF52832 QFAA
    Internal Memory for storage (ROM+RAM) 256KB+2MB
    Max External Memory Support (T Flash) (GB) N/A
    LCD style IPS
    Resolution  240*240
    Screen Size  1.3 inches Colorful LCD
    Touch Panel Yes Full touch 
    Antenna Comments
    GSM Antenna N/A
    BT Antenna  Yes
    G-Sensor  BOSCH BMA421 
    Version BT4.0
    A-GPS N/A
    GPS N/A
    Battery Type polymer
    Battery Capacity 200mAh
    Heart rate HRS3313 Real time dynamic heart rate
    Blood pressure Yes
    Blood oxygen Yes
    Compability support IOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+
    Notification(Withcontent for Facebook, twitter, What app, Wechat, Messaging, Calling)Optional Yes
    Pedometer Yes
    Music Control  Yes
    Anti lost Yes
    Sedentary Reminder Yes
    Sleep Monitor Yes
    Remote Camera  Yes
    Phoe Call Yes
    alarm Yes
    Language English, Chinese(traditional/simplified), German, Korean, Japanese, Spainish, French, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian, ect
    Vibrator Yes
    Speaker Yes
    Buttons Yes
    USB Yes
    Support OTA:  Yes
    APP name for IOS: COLMI
    APP name for Android: COLMI
    Retail package 1 PCS
    USB Cable 1 PCS
    User Manual English
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